Our mission

Build a future where individuals
and organisations maintain
control over their data.

While still benefiting from machine intelligence.

Working at AirGrid

Join us to help make the internet
a more open & vibrant place.

We are a team of passionate people, with different backgrounds
and diverse set of skills. We look for people who think
independently, argue open-mindedly and assertively, and above
all, value the intense pursuit of excellence.

Our values

  • Communication

    We share information efficiently, improving collaboration and productivity. We’re succinct, candid, and kind. We practice active listening.

  • Learning

    We strive to be constantly learning. We learn from each other and actively mentor those around us.

  • Drive

    We complete quality work quickly by working smarter, not harder. We prioritise, focusing on the 20% that will get us 80% of the impact.

Come build the
future of advertising
with us.


We are looking for energetic and bold people to join us on our mission.

We have a number of open roles, but we’re always keen to hear from likeminded people interested in technology. Send us an email with a short bio & CV: careers@airgrid.io