Custom audience targeting,
built for a privacy-first world.

Access 1st-party data at scale in cookie-less environments, such as Safari & Firefox.

Getting started

AirGrid integrates with your
current adtech stack.

Build your custom audience based on search terms, contextual features or select automated clusters of users based on behaviour, device and page features.

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Why AirGrid

Internet users, legislators and technology giants are re-shaping the ad tech landscape, due to concerns over privacy. AirGrid helps buyers overcome challenges and take advantage of this opportunity to reach qualified audiences at scale.

  • No cookies

    AirGrid’s platform is future-proof, using a modelling methodology that's based on 1st-party data from premium publishers.

  • User privacy

    Engineered with privacy built in, ensuring compliance with legislation. Personal data is processed at the edge, meaning it is created, modelled and stored directly on the user's device.

Platform benefits

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  • Better Outcomes

    Increase ROI through improved targeting performance, while reducing the amount spent on 3rd-party data.

  • Simple & Flexible

    Our simple and intuitive UI makes it easy to get started. Build an audience and deploy to individual's edge devices in just a few clicks.

  • Scale

    Extend your reach to cookie-less environments and future-proof your strategy against changes in browser APIs.

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