Take control over your
personal data.

Join the information economy as an individual and gain control, insight & value from your information while helping to progress advances in AI.

Getting started

How it works

  • 01.


    Add AirGrid’s extension to your browser with a few simple clicks.

  • 02.


    You now have visibility into how your data is being used and may delete it at any time.

  • 03.


    Receive a payout for your data or choose to donate to your favourite charity.

Where we stand

AirGrid is built on a core
set of principles.


Some websites or apps you use don’t cost money, but you pay with your personal data. We want to level the playing field, allowing individuals to receive a fair payout for it.


Our goal is to give users control of their personal information. AirGrid provides complete visibility into how your data is being collected & used.

Ready to get started?

We are launching our consumer platform in H2 of this year, submit your email below for beta access!