Discover new revenue streams by
monetising your 1st-party data.

AirGrid empowers publishers to harness the value of their data by enabling efficient & privacy-first ad buys.

Getting started

AirGrid integrates with your
current adtech stack.

Our SDK can be running on your site in minutes. Integration is plug and play, requiring minimal development work.

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Why AirGrid

Internet users, legislators and technology giants are re-shaping the ad tech landscape, due to concerns over privacy. AirGrid helps buyers overcome challenges and take advantage of this opportunity to reach qualified audiences at scale.

  • 1st-party data

    AirGrid's platform is future-proof, using a modelling methodology that's based on 1st-party data, so your entire audience becomes visible to buyers.

  • User privacy

    Engineered with privacy built in, ensuring compliance with legislation. Personal data is processed at the edge, meaning it is created, modelled and stored directly on the user's device.

Platform benefits

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  • Incremental Revenue

    Leverage 1st-party data, to monetise combined media and audience deals, via your current ad tech stack.

  • Actionable Insights

    Reporting features allow you to unlock the power of your data by understanding what type of content generates revenue.

  • Future Proof

    Privacy preserving audience modelling, allows you to monetise internet users hidden to traditional ad tech platforms.

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