Switch to cookie-less
programmatic advertising.

AirGrid is an audience platform that allows advertisers and publishers to
operate on privacy-first currency in the open marketplace.

We power AI at the edge,
built for a privacy-first world.

Our platform connects media buyers and sellers,
creating a more efficient and transparent ecosystem.

  • Targeted Audiences

    Marketers create audiences using 1st-party data, generated on a publisher's site and stored on the individual's device.

  • Platform

    Enables 1st-party data transactions at scale, activated via your current ad tech stack, with web user privacy at the core.

  • Incremental Revenue

    Publishers unlock a new data driven revenue stream by leveraging their 1st-party audience data, without handing over control.

With the decline of cookies and new privacy laws, the ad tech environment is being rebuilt from the ground up. We are here to smooth the transition, making 1st party, cookie-less and privacy-first audience modelling and buying a reality.

  • Better Outcomes

    Increase ROI through improved targeting performance, while reducing the amount spent on 3rd-party data.

  • Simple & Flexible

    Our simple and intuitive UI makes it easy to get started. Build an audience and deploy to individual's edge devices in just a few clicks.

  • Scale

    Extend your reach to cookie-less environments and future-proof your strategy against changes in browser APIs.

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